Ceiling Bulkheads

Any display or lighting fixtures situated along a high ceiling bulkhead can be remotely lowered to ground level for safe and secure maintenance, cleaning or alterations at ground level using a range of innovative raise and lower solutions developed by EcoRIG Ltd. No longer is there a requirement to hire expensive access equipment or a […]

Uniqlo – Westfield, Stratford

4 x VM Bar Systems and 4 x Light Track Systems Uniqlo, Stratford has a 7.5m x 3m x 6m glass box to its entrance in which it showcases its key looks for the season. The floor of the box is back lit illuminated acrylic. This restricted working space provided a number of issues for […]

Merchant Taylor School – Middlesex

Light Track System Client Testimonial: “The EcoRIG system offered us a functional system of lighting to the memorial plaques on an open staircase to the new Old Merchant Taylors’ War Memorial Club house. This also resolved a Health & Safety issue, allowing safe access to clean, or relamp these high level fittings without the expense […]

ASDA Living, Teeside

2 x Light Track Systems EcoRIG installed 2 x Light Track Systems into the ASDA Living store in Teeside. These systems allow the Ceiling and Pendant lights that ASDA sell to be displayed directly above the shopping aisle. The entire ceiling raft can be remotely lowered to ground level to make any changes quickly and […]