Uniqlo – Westfield, Stratford

4 x VM Bar Systems and 4 x Light Track Systems

Uniqlo, Stratford has a 7.5m x 3m x 6m glass box to its entrance in which it showcases its key looks for the season. The floor of the box is back lit illuminated acrylic.

This restricted working space provided a number of issues for merchandising display staff. As well as protecting the floor, there were of course the logistics of installing a display or changing lighting within the box itself.

In response, EcoRIG installed four lighting raft systems to the perimeter, each of which contained a recessed lighting track and directional spotlights. The team also installed four display raft systems down the centre of the box, each raft incorporating a VM rail for suspending graphics and a plug socket, to illuminate the display and props.

All systems are remote controlled and can be lowered individually or as a group.

Client Testimonial:

“We found EcoRIG pro-active to work with. through the specification and design stages, adjusting and responding to site conditions to achieve everything that the client had requested.”

Dave Crocombe, Store Designer


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