Cinema Banner System

EcoRIG received a brief from a Cinema chain to adapt our existing Graphic System so it would be suitable for double sided large format advertisement banners within a high level cinema foyer. EcoRIG adapted our existing system to cope with the requirements of this environment. img001 img002 img003

Hotel Chandelier System

EcoRIG received a brief from a hotel chain to design a solution that could remotely lower a large crystal chandelier from a height of 20m down to ground level. The Chandelier System was designed to cover heights of up to 30m. 1-1 (1) 1-2 (1) 1-3 (1)

Residential Lighting System

EcoRIG received a brief from a private home owner who wished to remotely raise and lower a lighting feature situated within his residence. EcoRIG developed a solution that provided a clean aesthetic finish and allowed remote access to the lighting for any cleaning or maintenance to be carried out safely at ground level. fishtank3 fishtank2 […]

Showroom Column System

EcoRIG received a brief to design a unique solution that would allow a showroom to display heavy duty products at height around a structural column within a large showroom. EcoRIG designed a bespoke solution called the Column System that allows cantilevered platforms to wrap around an entire column and move freely up and down the […]