Lightbox System

EcoRIG’s Light Box System allows entire Light Boxes to be safely maintained at ground level via remote control. Without this system Light Box maintenance requires the use of heavy access equipment or necessitates staff members to work at height. Lightbox System from EcoRIG on Vimeo.

VM Bar System

EcoRIG’s VM Bar System allows a VM Bar to be remotely lowered to ground level from the ceiling for safe and simple install and removal of visual merchandising displays. Using this system removes the need for staff to work at height and the costs associated with hiring heavy, expensive access equipment.

Lightbox System

EcoRIG designed the Plinth System to allow visual displays to be created above a floating plinth within a high level space. This system can be lowered to ground safely and quickly, allowing staff to install creative displays without the neccesity to work at height. The Plinth itself cleverly conceals the motor, providing a clean aesthetic […]

Graphic System

EcoRIG’s Graphic System was our first product to be designed. It remotely lowers large format advertisement graphics to ground level for safe and simple visual merchandising display alterations. This system blends cleanly into your environment unlike other hoist and winch systems. It also removes the need for staff to work at height using heavy, expensive […]