Topshop Topman – Fareham

4 x VM Bar Systems EcoRIG installed 4 x VM Bar Systems within the double height store front at Topshop Topman’s new store in the Whitely Shopping Centre in Fareham. This innovative systems allows 2 VM bars to be remotely lowered to ground level for safe alterations to be made to the store’s window display. […]

Wandsworth Council

2 x Graphic Systems EcoRIG installed 2 x Graphic Systems for Wandsworth Council, this was the first of its kind for EcoRIG in the public sector. We installed 2 remote operated raise and lower banner winch systems to allow the staff at the council office to safely replace advertisement graphics from ground level without the […]

Platform System

EcoRIG designed the Platform system to support cantilevered shelves along the entire height of a showroom, retail space or exhibition hall wall. The platforms are remotely operated from ground and allow staff to safely alter, clean and maintain their displays without the need to work at height or use expensive accces equipment. The inner workings […]

Atrium System

EcoRIG designed the Atrium System to revolutionise the way in which visual displays can be installed within high level atrium environments. 30m high displays can be safely installed at ground level using this unique remote operated solution. The technology itself system can be cleanly recessed above the ceiling unlike other hoist or winch systems, therefore […]