Topshop Topman – Westfield, Stratford

4 x Display Rafts, 8 x Lighting Tracks and 5 x Graphic Systems All the EcoRIG systems were finished in black and raised up into troughs allowing the mechanics of our raise and lowering systems to remain hidden from view and blend in with the store aesthetics   All 17 systems allow the VM staff […]

Topshop Topman – Fareham

4 x VM Bar Systems EcoRIG installed 4 x VM Bar Systems within the double height store front at Topshop Topman’s new store in the Whitely Shopping Centre in Fareham. This innovative systems allows 2 VM bars to be remotely lowered to ground level for safe alterations to be made to the store’s window display. […]

Topshop Topman – Cork

Graphic System and Raft System EcoRIG installed 2 x 3m wide x 0.7m deep EcoRIG Raft systems with lighting track for theatrical lighting and graphic hanging rails for 8m high x 3m wide single sided campaign graphics. We also installed 1 x 6.5m wide EcoRIG Graphic system with 14m high x 6.5m wide double sided […]