Mamas & Papas – Westfield, Stratford

Platform System + Raft System “The systems installed previously in our two other flagship stores have given us the flexibility to be creative and keep our windows fresh and up to date by using in-house staff to change our high level displays in line with season and promotions. All our displays are therefore current and […]

Mamas & Papas – Westfield, White City

2 x Platform Systems Client Testimonial: “Mamas & Papas works closely with Four IV to develop innovative and engaging store designs. Partnering with EcoRIG on our Westfield London Store has allowed us to deliver an aspirational window design in a challenging 8 metre high space with a highly effective operational and flexible system. It is […]

Mamas & Papas – Fareham

2 x Platform Systems EcoRIG installed 2 Platform Systems into the Mamas & Papas store in Fareham. Each system has 2 moveable shelves. High level displays can be safely installed without the need for expensive access equipment. IMAG3750 IMAG3714 IMAG3702 IMAG3699

Platform System

EcoRIG designed the Platform system to support cantilevered shelves along the entire height of a showroom, retail space or exhibition hall wall. The platforms are remotely operated from ground and allow staff to safely alter, clean and maintain their displays without the need to work at height or use expensive accces equipment. The inner workings […]