Superdry – York

Lighting Raft System This system allows the store staff at York’s Superdry store to safely and simply replace and clean the lighting fixture situated above the stairwell within their store. Ordinarily this task would of only been achieved with the assistance of specialist staff using expensive access equipment. Light Raft – York from EcoRIG on […]

John Lewis – Exeter

4 x Display & Lighting Rafts EcoRIG installed 3 x Display Rafts to allow John Lewis’s visual merchandising team to safely make alterations to their displays hanging through the ceiling void within the centre of the store. Also installed was a large Lighting Feature Raft that supported 12 light fixings suspended through another ceiling void […]

Omega – Westfield, Stratford

3 x Light Raft Systems EcoRIG installed 3 Light Raft Systems into the atria of the Omega store at Westfield, Stratford. This allowed the stores feature lighting to be safely lowered to ground level via remote control. Nov 2011 (492 of 699) Nov 2011 (483 of 699) Nov 2011 (460 of 699) Nov 2011 (469 […]

NEXT – Westfield, Stratford

6 x Graphic Systems, 3 x Display Raft and 1 x Lighting Raft Systems Client Testimonial: “We now have a system installed which means we can utilise the full height and frontage of our flagship store in London Westfield which gives us ulitmate flexability with scheme and the ability to create a huge impact . […]