John Lewis – Westfield, Stratford City

9 x Atrium Systems EcoRIG installed 9 x Atrium Systems to allow the suspension of 3D displays that hang through the main atrium within the John Lewis store at Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre. Nov 2011 (337 of 699) Nov 2011 (303 of 699) Nov 2011 (349 of 699) Nov 2011 (311 of 699) (1) Nov […]

John Lewis – Exeter

4 x Display & Lighting Rafts EcoRIG installed 3 x Display Rafts to allow John Lewis’s visual merchandising team to safely make alterations to their displays hanging through the ceiling void within the centre of the store. Also installed was a large Lighting Feature Raft that supported 12 light fixings suspended through another ceiling void […]