Ceiling Bulkheads

Any display or lighting fixtures situated along a high ceiling bulkhead can be remotely lowered to ground level for safe and secure maintenance, cleaning or alterations at ground level using a range of innovative raise and lower solutions developed by EcoRIG Ltd. No longer is there a requirement to hire expensive access equipment or a […]

Adidas – Westfield, Stratford

4 x Graphic Systems Adidas – Westfield Stratford from EcoRIG on Vimeo. Nov 2011 (274 of 699) KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Nov 2011 (270 of 699) Nov 2011 (257 of 699) Nov 2011 (241 of 699)

Cineworld – Wandsworth

Graphic System Client Testimonial: “National Screen has been looking for an economical and easily maintained system that will allow a range of large format images for film distributors to advertise in UK and Irish cinemas. We have run a test system at Cineworld Wandsworth with great effect and praise from the cinema management. We are […]

Middlesex University

10 x Graphic Systems EcoRIG installed our remote operated Graphic Systems into a large atrium aria within the Middlesex University campus. These systems allow on site staff to safely install advertisement graphics or alternatively student art work at ground level without having to use expensive access equipment or work at height. IMG 0674 IMG 0675 […]