Ceiling Voids

By working with architects and design firms on new build initiatives within the retail sector we have seen our unique technology utilised in creative environments like never before. Ceiling voids have been purposefully created within multi-floored venues to offer the visual merchandising team a means of linking their creative displays between two or more different floors.

Implementing this environment into a new build without raise and lower technology poses significant health and safety issues for those maintaining the area, as any trip or fall through the ceiling void could result in serious injury.


Make sure all vertical spaces within your environment are adding value to your display scheme by accommodating display and lighting solutions in the most creative

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Frequent Changes

Using the latest, affordable technology, we have simplified the process of installing and replacing display and lighting fixtures at height. Now, your own staff can

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Health and Safety

It is likely that to comply with Health and Safety regulations, you have minimised the necessity for staff to work at height or in difficult

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