Lightbox System

EcoRIG’s Light Box System allows entire Light Boxes to be safely maintained at ground level via remote control. Without this system Light Box maintenance requires the use of heavy access equipment or necessitates staff members to work at height. Lightbox System from EcoRIG on Vimeo.

VM Bar System

EcoRIG’s VM Bar System allows a VM Bar to be remotely lowered to ground level from the ceiling for safe and simple install and removal of visual merchandising displays. Using this system removes the need for staff to work at height and the costs associated with hiring heavy, expensive access equipment.

VM Grid System

EcoRIG designed the VM Grid System to enable entire visual merchandising Grids to be safely raised and lowered to ground level. This system allows staff to install high level visual merchandising and advertising displays safely at ground level and has the ability to support a wide range of displays and fixtures. photo 5 photo 3 […]

Platform System

EcoRIG designed the Platform system to support cantilevered shelves along the entire height of a showroom, retail space or exhibition hall wall. The platforms are remotely operated from ground and allow staff to safely alter, clean and maintain their displays without the need to work at height or use expensive accces equipment. The inner workings […]