Industrial Warehouses

Most industrial warehouses have high level wracking or large machinery permanently fixed directly below their high level lighting fixtures. EcoRIG’s raise and lower solutions offer a means to remotely lower these difficult to maintain fixtures to ground level for maintenance or cleaning. A unique requirement was raised by a Ship manufacturer, who wished to raise […]

Single Height Storefronts

Large format graphics, visual merchandising displays and backdrop lighting can be removed and replaced within single height store fronts at the touch of a button. Minimising the risk to your staff and maximising the potential of your storefront has never been so easy!

Sports Halls

High bay lighting within a sports hall often needs replacing and cleaning due to the very nature of what a sports hall is used for. The cost and risk of working at height so regularly can be entirely removed by installing raise and lower technology within this environment. The option to remotely lower lighting fixtures […]

Ceiling Voids

By working with architects and design firms on new build initiatives within the retail sector we have seen our unique technology utilised in creative environments like never before. Ceiling voids have been purposefully created within multi-floored venues to offer the visual merchandising team a means of linking their creative displays between two or more different […]