No Risk of Damages

Because access equipment is so heavy and can be extremely dangerous to operate, specialist contractors usually need to be hired to alter or maintain high level display or lighting fixtures. Not only can this prove extremely expensive, but the lumbering, inflexible equipment can easily cause damage to floors and fittings. EcoRIG’s display and lighting solutions […]

Reduces Costs

We all know just how costly access equipment can be. But you want to maximise the potential of every inch of your venue, right? Why spend a high percentage of your budget on hiring access equipment and employing certified contractors to carry out high level maintenance work when your own staff can do it easily […]


A standard EcoRIG system has been proven to use around the same amount of energy required to boil a kettle when in operation. Now consider how much energy you currently use to implement display changes at height. Factor in the energy used to run a scissor lift, as well as transport required and additional out […]