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ASDA George - Coryton, Cardiff

ASDA George - Coryton, Cardiff

4 x Graphic System

EcoRIG installed 4 x Graphic Systems along the travelator wall within the ASDA George Coryton store in Cardiff. These systems enable the store's staff to make changes to this impactful space  safely at ground level along the length of the travelator without having to work at height using access equipment or ladders.
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ASDA Living, Teeside

ASDA Living, Teeside

2 x Light Track Systems

EcoRIG installed 2 x Light Track Systems into the ASDA Living store in Teeside. These systems allow the Ceiling and Pendant lights that ASDA sell to be displayed directly above the shopping aisle. The entire ceiling raft can be remotely lowered to ground level to make any changes quickly and safely without having to work at height.
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