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Single Point

Atrium System

Atrium System

EcoRIG designed the Atrium System to revolutionise the way in which visual displays can be installed within high level atrium environments. 30m high displays can be safely installed at ground level using this unique remote operated solution. The technology itself system can be cleanly recessed above the ceiling unlike other hoist or winch systems, therefore having no negative impact on your atria.
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Prop System

Prop System

EcoRIG designed the Prop System to allow visual displays suspended from a single point to be remotely raised and lowered between ceiling and floor height. The Prop System itself can be recessed into the ceiling so as to not impact on the aesthetics of your display or lighting fixtures. This system enables staff to safely and quickly replace, clean or maintain a high level fixture at ground level without the need for access equipment or the necessity to work at height.
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