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Annual Summary

- EcoRIG’s Remote Graphic System was successfully rolled out by ASDA George.

- EcoRIG’s Remote Graphic System was added to Marks & Spencer’s international store specification and was installed at both the Mumbai and Kuwait stores.

- ‘Titan Media Group’ successfully installed 30 EcoRIG Graphic System’s across 10 shopping centres over in New Zealand.

- A company by the name of ‘Smart Wall Oy’ have ordered several EcoRIG Graphic Systems with the view to becoming a trusted distributor to shopping centres and retail outfits over in Finland.

- EcoRIG developed a brand new version of the EcoRIG Grid System that can now lift a greater weight than ever before.

- EcoRIG also developed two unique variations on our Graphic System that we have christened as the VM Bar System. A single or double VM Bar can now be remotely lowered to ground level for light weight props to be safely installed and raised to height.

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The Beginning

In 2007, Marks and Spencer turned to EcoRIG to deliver a brief which other companies had been unable to fulfil to the required standard.


Since then, EcoRIG has established itself as a leading display and lighting consultant developer, pushing the boundaries in design and functionality.