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Annual Summary

In January, EcoRIG released a new and improved version of the Graphic System and by March had installed a number of the unique banner winch systems across the shop front of the Lakeland store in Bicester as well as the Cineworld in Wandsworth.

Feedback from the retail sector suggested that graphics were not the only issues that staff were facing when carrying outdisplay changes at height. This inspired EcoRIG to design its second product, known as the Grid System. This system allows a variety of items such as three dimensional props and graphic panels to be suspended at various heights and depths using our alternative winch and hoist technology.

By the end of summer, EcoRIG had captured the interest of Disney who immediately requested the installation of Graphic Systems and the recently released Grid systems in to their stores in Liverpool and Norwich. Before the end of October, EcoRIG had installed Graphic and Grid systems for House of Fraser, New Look and Dorothy Perkins. After the acquisition of such main stream clients, EcoRIG designed yet another innovative display hoist solution known as the Prop System.

This system allows individual display or lighting fixtures to be lowered to ground level for updating or maintaining. EcoRIG supplied Grid and Graphic systems abroad to both Italy and Spain and by the turn of the year designed yet another display winch solution known as the Platform System. This system allows a platform to be lowered to ground level to alter or maintain a display.

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The Beginning

In 2007, Marks and Spencer turned to EcoRIG to deliver a brief which other companies had been unable to fulfil to the required standard.


Since then, EcoRIG has established itself as a leading display and lighting consultant developer, pushing the boundaries in design and functionality.