A standard EcoRIG system has been proven to use around the same amount of energy required to boil a kettle when in operation. Now consider how much energy you currently use to implement display changes at height. Factor in the energy used to run a scissor lift, as well as transport required and additional out of hours heating and lighting.

You can reduce your carbon footprint instantly and significantly by using EcoRIG's display and lighting solutions. Quick, safe and easy to use, it’s available in-store whenever you want to carry out any display changes. It’s so fast, there’s no need to work late into the night, reducing not only your energy consumption, but your costs too.

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Why Use EcoRIG?

The benefits of using an EcoRIG ground operated system to raise, lower and secure multi or high level display solutions and lighting solutions really are clear cut. 


Cost effective, Health & Safety compliant and flexible, an EcoRIG system offers a fast return on investment. There’s no longer any need to recruit a specialist team to undertake an expensive out of hours installation which ultimately impacts on your bottom line. This also means that there are no lengthy risk assessments or method statements to prepare, so no red tape. Carry out display changes when and as often as you want; quickly, safely and easily.


EcoRIG will save you time and energy, improving your Health & Safety compliance and maximising the commercial potential of currently unused vertical spaces.